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Need to speak to us about in-house courses or customised webinars?

Direct your enquiries to:

John Flynn:  [email protected] or (mobile) +61 411 246 267  OR
Terry Quanborough[email protected] or (mobile) +61 411 042 847

You may also send your request via email using the enquiry form above.

Australian or ASEAN Custom Project Management Training Enquiries

We welcome enquiries for customised inhouse training, including management briefings and customised webinars across Australia or South East Asia. Please email us using the form above with details of your requirements or phone our Sydney office at (02) 9924-3530.

If you are calling from outside Australia, please phone +61 2 9924 3530.

We conduct project reviews, project manager assessments and customised training for corporate clients and will happily respond to your special requirements.

If you need to physically mail us a RFP or other documentation for our review, please send it to us via our postal address: c/- PO Box 68, Lindfield, NSW 2070, Australia.

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These recognised courses include those with options to include several business hours webinars with the presenters!

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